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The Chinotto soft drink, the Gazzosa, the Chinotto-flavoured tonic water and the Orangeade are born out of the research carried out by Lurisia concerning perfect ingredients, cultivated as it happened in the past, with natural methods and in strictly typical Italian areas: chinotto coming from Western Ligurian Riviera, loose lemons from Amalfi, oranges from Gargano. These are raw materials of excellence, which are combined without using additives and offer the original flavour of tradition. The base is the very pure and light thermal water of Lurisia, an excellence in the market of Italian mountain waters.


    Quenches thirst brilliantly

    Also for our Acqua Tonica the difference is made by the Slow Food Presidium, the same as our Chinotti from Savona. The microclimate of the west side of the Liguria Riviera awards the fruit with an intense scent and an excellent juiciness. The special dye extracted from the Chinotti gives the drink a unique flavor, obtaining agood and thirst- quenching drink.

    A clear and brilliant color with a fine and persistent effervescence.
    The scent of Chinotto zest with a remarkable frankness and vivacity gathered in a delicate bouquet. The slight bitter hint is accompanied and balanced by the light acidity which awards freshness.
    A fine and persistent aroma in which resurfaces the citrus scent and accompanies a pleasant bitter hint.

    Drunk on its own it is an excellent thirst-quencher. Perfect as an aperitif to accompany savory appetizers or with a meal.
    Invented as a base ingredient for cocktails.

    To be served in a stem glass, with ice made of still mineral water and a little lemon zest.

    Temperature: 5/8 °C

  • Aranciata Lurisia


    Our Aranciata is produced with Gargano IGP Slow Food Presidium oranges that come from one of the most beautiful bays of the Adriatic sea. Here the oranges mature at the end of winter acquiring an excellent resistance to oxidation after harvest: thin peel, firm pulp and sweet juice make for a unique product.

    The color is a slightly opaque orange of moderate tones characterized with interesting iridescence. A fine and persistent
    effervescence with an intense, strong, deep and decisive scent of citrus, Spring flowers and herbaceous essence. The sweetness alternates in your mouth with a gentle and balanced acidity, reminding you of the typical sensations of ripe oranges, an intense and persistent citrus aroma.

    Drunk on its own it is an excellent thirst-quencher and goes well with snacks or used in light and fresh aperitifs.

    Excellent also when transformed into sorbet with an added leaf of Melissa and orange zest.

    To be served in a glass tumbler, with a slice of orange and no ice.

    Temperature: 5/8 °C


    An Energy charge all “Slow”

    The unique aroma of our Chinotto comes from the west side of the Liguria Riviera where, since 1500, Chinotto trees have grown.

    At Savona today, there is the Slow Food Presidium to protect the precious citrus fruits that give our drink thetypical amber taste that gives off an intense scent.

    An intense and vivid color with tones of caramelized Afghan amber.
    A scent of citrus and spices. The carbon dioxide emphasizes the delicacy and harmony of a particularly complex bouquet: citrus, herbs, spices and bitter caramel.
    The taste is velvety and soft with a noble and harmonious body, without excessive sweetness.

    Drunk on its own it is an excellent thirst-quencher particularly suitable as an aperitif to accompany savory appetizers or with a full meal of rich tasting dishes.
    Excellent as an ingredient in cocktails in which a bold exotic taste is desired.
    To be served in a glass tumbler, with no added ice or lemon.

    Temperature: 5/8 °C



    The unique taste of our Gazzosa comes from afar, in both time and distance. The recipe we use is the original one from the 50’s and the lemons used are Sfusati, cultivated for more than 300 years on terraces of the Amalfi Coast, famous for their juicy pulp and semi sweet taste.

    The intensity is emphasized by the presence of carbon dioxide which harmonizes and refines the memory of orange blossoms and lemon zest.
    Particularly balanced and full bodied, the long after taste is accompanied by a gentle acidity which dissolves into a sweet note.
    An intense lemon aroma, long lasting and delicate.

    Drunk on its own it is an excellent thirst-quencher but thanks to the pleasant tone of acidity, it can easily accompany a plate of raw fish or shellfish.
    Excellent also when transformed into sorbet with an added leaf of mint or sage.
    To be served in a round bottom glass, iceless with a few mint leaves or a licorice stick.

    Temperature: 5/8 °C